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Sitamata Wildlife Sanctury

At our Resort your gateway to an unforgettable adventure at Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary. Dive into a thrilling wildlife safari amidst diverse flora and fauna, encountering leopards, deer, and captivating birds. For nature enthusiasts, it's an untouched paradise with mesmerising landscapes. Our resort offers the perfect base for excitement and discovery. Let Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary's magic weave cherished memories that last a lifetime. Experience nature's symphony at its finest - book your stay with us today.

the chandan kasturi resort

Sitamata Temple

Discover the Sitamata Temple during your resort stay and feel its spiritual charm. People believe it's the spot where Goddess Sita emerged from Mother Earth. As you enter, a peaceful feeling surrounds you, and you can sense the spiritual energy in the air. The temple's beautiful details will captivate your senses and reveal its rich history and devotion. Experience this magical place and find comfort in its divine atmosphere.

the chandan kasturi resort

Sunrise at the Jakham Reservoir

Come and enjoy the magic of Chandan Kasturi Resort! Watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets from our amazing spot. The sky turns into a stunning picture with lovely colors, making magnificent moments. Capture these picture-perfect moments, destined to be etched in your memory forever. Pick the time you like best and see the world's wonders at our resort. You'll make special memories that will stay with you forever.

Escape the busy city life and enjoy the peaceful Jakham Reservoir. Our resort offers a serene getaway, blending modern comforts with nature's beauty. Wake up to stunning sunrises over the sparkling waters, and feel the calming breeze by the shore. Have fun with water sports or relax by the pool with a good book. Explore the nearby scenic trails, surrounded by the delightful sounds of birds and rustling leaves. Come experience the tranquility and create wonderful memories at our resort by Jakham Dam.

the chandan kasturi resort

Baneshwar Tribal Fair

Experience the colourful Baneshwar Tribal Fair in Rajasthan, while staying in our resort where you can enjoy lively folk performances, try delicious traditional food, and buy special handicrafts made by local artisans. This festive gathering of clans feels like a big tribal festival, similar to the Kumbh Mela. The fair's name, Baneshwar, refers to Lord Shiva and the sacred shivling at the Mahadev Temple near the meeting point of the Som, Mahi, and Jhakad rivers. It's a fantastic chance to see and learn about the customs and traditions of the tribal communities. Don't miss this annual four-day celebration in January-February to immerse yourself in their vibrant culture.

the chandan kasturi resort

Tribal Village Tour

Welcome to Chandan Kasturi Resort where luxury and sustainability unite in harmony. Our resort is thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with nature, providing a peaceful escape that you won't find anywhere else. Their secluded hilltop location ensures a peaceful and relaxing getaway. Experience the beauty of Aravali Hills and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to Chandan Kasturi Resort where luxury and sustainability unite in harmony.